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We've all heard the stereotype. It's picture day again and your spouse is asking "didn't we JUST get our pictures taken?" Maybe mom and dad are excited but the kids don't want to sit still and look at a camera. And WHAT ARE these clothes you're making them wear, anyway?! Why do we do this every year? Is it really THAT important? 

The short answer: OF COURSE IT IS!!!  

Sorry. I got a little carried away there with the screamy capital letters. I'll try not to yell-type at you again. I just happen to be very passionate about documenting families, and I'm going to give you 6 reasons why.

The importance of family photos Denver lifestyle family session

1. You're documenting the most important moments of your life! 

I have a few friends and relatives who are past the age of having children at home. One thing I've heard from almost all of them was about the "best time of their lives". And the time period is always the same. Can you guess what it is? You've probably heard it too. It's when their children were young and they got to spend each day together. 

Kids change really quickly. I'm so blessed to be able to follow some of the same families and photograph their children year after year, and I've learned that 365 days makes a crazy difference when it comes to the growth of babies and kids! Each phase is so short that we don't want to miss a single thing! 

Northern Colorado Lifestyle mother and daughter photo by Lily Jean Photography

2. Photos increase in value!

How many items can you think of that become more valuable to you with every passing day? Other than my home, I can't think of one single thing I own that actually increases in value over time. And even then, home values go up and down with market changes. Only my photographs are guaranteed to become more valuable to me year after year. The baby photos of my children were a treasure to me the day they were taken, but as the kids grew and changed, with every new step, every new word, and every milestone along the way, life changed. It became harder to remember the days of nursing and gummy smiles, fat cheeks and belly laughs, but those photos take me right back to that time. I know that one day my own children will move out. My home will no longer be filled with the sound of giggles and running feet. I know that one day, devoid of bear hugs, cuddles, and arms reaching up to me, I'll look at those photos and they will be worth infinitely more than they are now.

Fort Collins Lifestyle Family photo of child laughing by Lily Jean Photography

3. Family sessions are fun and enjoyable! 

Contrary to the stereotype, family sessions can be fun! I like to make my lifestyle sessions enjoyable for the whole family. You'll be asked to play games, cuddle up, and interact with each other naturally, so you and your kids (!) will genuinely be smiling by the time that shutter clicks and that moment is recorded forever! 

Lifestyle photo of toddler siblings by Lily Jean Photography

4. Photos make great gifts! 

Do you have anyone in your life who has everything? Do you ever wonder what you could get them during the holidays that they don't already have? Are you a big meanie who enjoys seeing someone cry when they unwrap the perfect gift? I am! And I got to experience just that the year I gave my mom a wall sized print of our whole family.  Whether it's a close relative who'd love a framed photo of your family, or someone who'd enjoy a photo session for their own family, it's guaranteed to be a gift they'll treasure forever! And you might just get to see them cry. 

photos as home decor

5. Photos are a great way to decorate your home! 

There are so many ways to display your photos that you can match any decor style! A large wall gallery is a great way to personalize your space while making it feel like home. One of my favorite parts of a photo session is the ordering session, where I get to show my clients exactly what their photos will look like hanging on their walls! To take your decor game to the next level, you can dress for your family session in clothing that will coordinate with the rest of your decor. Once the photos are hanging, they'll look that much more awesome! 

Union Station family photo by Lily Jean Photography

6. You never know when your last family photo will be taken. 

This is a hard thought to think, but it's honestly my own personal most important reason to take photos each year. We never know if we'll get one more year, one more week, or even one more day with each of our precious loved ones. With the blessing of seeing families grow and change also comes the tragedy of taking the last known photos of some of my clients' parents, grandparents, and siblings. I've unfortunately seen firsthand what a gift it can be for families to have had a recent photo session when one member passes away unexpectedly. Sometimes we want to wait until we look better or have more money to have our photos taken, but these experiences have taught me that there really is no time like the present to document this beautiful time in our lives, just as they are. 


If you get family photos done yearly, what's your most important reason? If not, what holds you back? 

The Erjavec Family's Fall Session

lifestyle family photo of child laughing in field by Lily Jean Photography

I first met Tiffany when we were both teaching at a residential treatment center.  9 years later, and I've had the honor of taking her sweet daughter's photos every year since she was a newborn! I love watching little ones grow, and I especially LOVE seeing my friends' personalities in their awesome kids.

Like her momma, this little girl is full of sass, confidence, and energy!  This posing was ALL HER. 

Thanks for letting me document each new year, Tiffany and Joe! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! 

3 year photo session by Lily Jean Photography
3 year photo session by northern colorado photographer lily jean photography

What to Wear for Your Family Photo Session| Northern Colorado Family Photographer

Parents and baby in home lifestyle photo session by Lily Jean Photography

So, you’ve booked your session. Now what?  Time to pick out your wardrobe. EEK! Why does it seem so complicated?

Here are a few suggestions to simplify picking out your wardrobe:

What to wear for family photos by Lily Jean Photography

1. Coordinate; don’t match.

Pick your color palette. This alone will be the hardest part of your wardrobe decision. A great place to start is choosing 3 colors and going from there. If you know where you want to hang your photos, see if you can go off of colors already in your home decor! Next, head to the store or your closet and find an interesting piece that you love for inspiration. Start there and work everyone around those colors. You can mix and match prints and solids. When choosing your colors, be vague. Stick to blue instead of navy blue, sky blue, etc. Just blue of all hues. Allow everyone to still be themselves,  but continue to coordinate. 

Family photo  with purple flowers by Lily Jean Photography

2. Keep your own style.

Let everyone be themselves and you're guaranteed to love your images.

Lifestyle family photo by Lily Jean Photography

3. Layers are your friend.

Dress appropriately for the season, but layers are especially flattering and give you more options! 

Union Station family photo by Lily Jean Photography

4. Let's talk makeup.

Remember, matte blushes and shadows are more flattering in photographs than sparkly products. You may want to go a little heavier than usual on your foundation, but don't get carried away! 

Lifestyle newborn photo by Lily Jean Photography

5. Have fun!

Your photos are about YOU and reflect who you are as individuals! 

Northern Colorado Lifestyle newborn photo by Lily jean Photography



Do you have a special routine when picking your family's wardrobe? Tell me about it in the comments below!