What to Wear for Your Family Photo Session| Northern Colorado Family Photographer

Parents and baby in home lifestyle photo session by Lily Jean Photography

So, you’ve booked your session. Now what?  Time to pick out your wardrobe. EEK! Why does it seem so complicated?

Here are a few suggestions to simplify picking out your wardrobe:

What to wear for family photos by Lily Jean Photography

1. Coordinate; don’t match.

Pick your color palette. This alone will be the hardest part of your wardrobe decision. A great place to start is choosing 3 colors and going from there. If you know where you want to hang your photos, see if you can go off of colors already in your home decor! Next, head to the store or your closet and find an interesting piece that you love for inspiration. Start there and work everyone around those colors. You can mix and match prints and solids. When choosing your colors, be vague. Stick to blue instead of navy blue, sky blue, etc. Just blue of all hues. Allow everyone to still be themselves,  but continue to coordinate. 

Family photo  with purple flowers by Lily Jean Photography

2. Keep your own style.

Let everyone be themselves and you're guaranteed to love your images.

Lifestyle family photo by Lily Jean Photography

3. Layers are your friend.

Dress appropriately for the season, but layers are especially flattering and give you more options! 

Union Station family photo by Lily Jean Photography

4. Let's talk makeup.

Remember, matte blushes and shadows are more flattering in photographs than sparkly products. You may want to go a little heavier than usual on your foundation, but don't get carried away! 

Lifestyle newborn photo by Lily Jean Photography

5. Have fun!

Your photos are about YOU and reflect who you are as individuals! 

Northern Colorado Lifestyle newborn photo by Lily jean Photography



Do you have a special routine when picking your family's wardrobe? Tell me about it in the comments below!